Our methodology

Professional Trainers

A minimum of 220 unemployed Migrants and Refugees trainees in 6 countries (Greece, Germany, UK, Lithuania, Turkey, Italy) will improve their skills and qualification regarding recycling and reuse social entrepreneurship.

Utilizing experience

Utilizing experience, knowledge and common social and economic conditions as far as it concerns migrants and refugees entering in EU, partners decide on designing and implementing a common educational approach.


The implementation of this project will provide significant tools to participating organizations so as to be able to develop and implement training plans targeted at migrants and refugees in a specialized market sector.


Project aims to promote the idea of recycling and reuse social entrepreneurship at the local, regional, national and European levels, to improve skills and qualifications of migrants and refugees on labor market and to contribute to the preparation of European countries for the accomplishment of future quantitative targets regarding social entrepreneurship in general and in recycling and reuse sector in particular both for migrants and refugees as for all citizens as well.
We want to promote social entrepreneurship education among unemployed migrants and refugees, especially in countries with a high migrants’ unemployment rate, which will lead to new business creation and employability and ultimately assist them in building a future for themselves
Find out policies to support and benefit