Associazione IRENE_Iniziative Ricerche Esperienze per una Nuova Europa – IT

Associazione Irene, Iniziative Ricerche Esperienze per una Nuova Europa was established in 1991  to promote European Union Social Policies and the achievement of the objectives in the field of non -discrimination and equal opportunities. Since its establishment, IRENE implemented more than 10 projects funded by the European Commission and more than 5 projects funded by Structural Funds in the field of gender equality and equal opportunities. Other projects and initiatives (seminar, meetings, trainings) have been delivered with the financial support of national or local programs or with private fund raising. Since 2007 IRENE is an NGO in special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. In 2007 IRENE established in partnership with 18 NGO’s based in 15 EU member States, ARETUSA a European network of organizations promoting equality between women and men in coherence with EU anti-discrimination policy.



President Gabriella Merlo

Registered office

Via Fabio Filzi 27, 20124 Milan

Operational office

Viale Lazio 20, 20135 Milan

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