BEKEV – Evka 1 Women Culture and Solidarity Association

Our association was established in 2006 and now serves in Murathan Quarter, District Centre
Building. We have the same difficulties as any other women’s association gets through, which are the
difficulty of finding a place to work, financial incapability, the role of women in politics, the common
thought that regards women as a good wife, a mother and a housewife, and the political approach
which supports this idea. These are the main obstacles that prevents women from collaborating.
Our purpose is to gather with more women and lead them to fight for their rights, freedom and gain
the control of their lives. By making the women participate much more in the fields of production,
management and decision-making we intend to abolish the inequality. We fight against the
oppression, cruelty, violence, harassment, rape, abuse, child abuse, work murder, child employment,
othering of women, keeping women away from education and career in our country and all over the
world, and provide development with all women without any discrimination as to language, religion
or race. Therefore, we consider our activities not only as domestic activities, but also as a part of
World Women’s Movement, European Women’s Movement and also Turkey’s and Izmir’s Women’s
Movement, and we participate in various women’s platforms.

Address: 1203 St. No:7 Murathan Quarter, Buca Izmir
Phone: +09 555 668 03 78