Bundesverband der Migrantinnen in Deutschland e.V. – DE

The Federal Association of Migrant Women in Germany is a registered and non-profit association based in Frankfurt am Main. Currently the association is affiliated to 23 women groups nationwide. The association’s activities are based exclusively on the volunteer work of Turkish descent women. The aim and purpose of the association is the promotion and strengthening of the equal participation of women and girls with a background of migration in all areas of life: education, training, work and occupation, social affairs, culture, law and politics.


Founded: March 20, 2005 in Cologne

Location: Frankfurt / Main Franz-Werfel Str 60431 Frankfurt




Association Magazine: KADIN / WOMAN

Membership: only women can become a member

Memberships: DaMigra e.V., German Women’s Council, European’s Women Lobby

Cooperation with:

  • Trade unions in the areas of social participation, wage inequality, precarious employment (ver.di / IG Metall / IG Bau)
  • Women’s protection devices, among others violence against women
  • Women and Migrant women’s organizations on common issues that deal with the problems and demands of women
  • Communal women’s and equality departments