Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre – UK

Day-Mer was set up in November 1989 and is a refugee community organisation which provides its services mainly but not exclusively to the Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot communities. The overall emphasis of the work of the organisation is to facilitate the integration of this migrant community to life here in UK – as such the organisation places a great importance on its role as a bridge between the migrant and native communities. It runs activities which focuses on multicultural values, values activity and provision which brings together Turkish and Kurdish people from people with other heritages so that their understanding, appreciation and celebration of each other’s cultures is enabled. Day-Mer’s annual festivals are attended by thousands of people, with these values to which young people participate which aims exactly to break prejudices in between them, challenges
racism and discrimination and seeks to build their solidarity.
Day-Mer provides a comprehensive advice and welfare service, business advice service, educational services including school based co-educators and parental involvement officers and other educational services such as centre based supplementary school sessions and ESOL lessons, a diverse youth group and services, sports club, women’s outreach service, a drugs/alcohol awareness project, and a range of cultural activities such as guitar, drama and saz classes taught by professional teachers. Numeracy and Literacy classes for pupils and
educational workshops for parents are a regular part of DAY-MER’s activities. Added to these there was a recycling pilot project supported by the local authority and a 2 year long European Refugee Project-Open Learning Centre project based in the centre.