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KEGYTHE is a Research Centre of Women’s Affairs (RCWA) and was established in 1987. Its scope is to empower women Greeks and immigrants in all aspects of their life such as employment, health, social and citizen rights and in their everyday life. It also implements activities and awareness campaigns for the elimination of violence against women, sexism and the confrontation of child abuse. It also collects studies and maintains a library, aiming at the foundation of a Women Documents Centre of Information which often is being used by undergraduate and graduate students and professors from greek universities. Furthermore it publicates a bulletin dealing with women’s issues. The RCWA since it takes into consideration the high rates of unemployed women and the fact that many of them especially from the social excludedS groups such as poor educated women, immigrants women and roma women also, it provides them information and support about business issues and entrepreneurship and it also conducts training seminars in handicraft, recycling, bazaars with women products, basic computer knowledge and basic literacy skills.

It has participated in global conferences (like Cairo-population policies, Bejing under United Nations) and national too. It is member of several global and national networks and it cooperates with many women organisations in cross national and international level. It also has been coordinator or partner in several European projects. Its members are 300 throughout Greece.

  1. Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community Centre – UK


Day-Mer was set up in November 1989 and is a refugee community organisation which provides its services mainly but not exclusively to the Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot communities. The overall emphasis of the work of the organisation is to facilitate the integration of this migrant community to life here in UK – as such the organisation places a great importance on its role as a bridge between the migrant and native communities. It runs activities which focuses on multicultural values, values activity and provision which brings together Turkish and Kurdish people from people with other heritages so that their understanding, appreciation and celebration of each other’s cultures is enabled. Day-Mer’s annual festivals are attended by thousands of people, with these values to which young people participate which aims exactly to break prejudices in between them, challenges racism and discrimination and seeks to build their solidarity.

Day-Mer provides a comprehensive advice and welfare service, business advice service, educational services including school based co-educators and parental involvement officers and other educational services such as centre based supplementary school sessions and ESOL lessons, a diverse youth group and services, sports club, women’s outreach service, a drugs/alcohol awareness project, and a range of cultural activities such as guitar, drama and saz classes taught by professional teachers. Numeracy and Literacy classes for pupils and educational workshops for parents are a regular part of DAY-MER’s activities. Added to these there was a recycling pilot project supported by the local authority and a 2 year long European Refugee Project-Open Learning Centre project based in the centre.

  1. Bundesverband der Migrantinnen in Deutschland e.V. – DE


The organisation „Bundesverband der Migrantinnen in Deutschland“ / Migrant Women Association, ist non-profit organisation of migrant women, living in Germany. It has over 20 member groups in Germany. The scope of work is to strengthen the social, cultural, politic and economic participations of women by using the concept „self-powerment“. By doing this, it is also a main scope to build a bridge of tolerance and friendship between women different national and cultural backgrounds.

  1. Buca Evka I Kadin Kultur ve Dayanisma Evi Dermegi – TR


Buca Evka I Kadin Kultur ve Dayanisma Evi Dermegi (BEKEV) is an organization which provides support and solidarity in women and children who have been abused and general it deals with matters of violence against women and children, sexual exploitation of children,trafficking of immigrants in Turkey and domestic violence. Our aim is the empowerement of women by attaining vocational skills in order to find job by teaching them handicrafts according to the new trends in the labour market. We also provide councelling, psychological and social support and adult literacy since most of our target group is illiterate.

  1. Associazione Irene – IT


Associazione Irene, Iniziative Ricerche Esperienze per una Nuova Europa was established in 1991  to promote European Union Social Policies and the achievement of the objectives in the field of non -discrimination and equal opportunities. Since its establishment, IRENE implemented more than 10 projects funded by the European Commission and more than 5 projects funded by Structural Funds in the field of gender equality and equal opportunities. Other projects and initiatives (seminar, meetings, trainings) have been delivered with the financial support of national or local programmes or with private fund raising. Since 2007 IRENE is an NGO in special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. In 2007 IRENE established in partnership with 18 NGO’s based in 15 EU member States, ARETUSA a European network of organizations promoting equality between women and men in coherence with EU anti-disctrimination policy. IRENE currenlty holds the Presidency of ARETUSA.

  1. Moteru informacijos centras – LT


Moteru informacijos centras (MIC) mission is to educate Lithuanian society on gender equality, to influence gender equality policies and to promote its development in Lithuania.

Goals of the Women`s Issues Information Centre:

  • Seek equal rights and opportunities for women and men in Lithuania
  • Improve women’s position in social and private lives
  • Develop gender equality environment

Main programs of WIIC activities:

-Combating Violence against women;

– Reconciliation of family and work responsibilities;

– Public education.

-Promotion of women in business

MIC is women’s NGO since 1996 promoting gender equality policies through education, public campaigns, lobbying policy makers and civil society, seeking equal rights and opportunities for women and men, raising public awareness on equal opportunities and gender equality, and improving the position of women in all spheres of life. Organizational structure: Board, Director, project managers, volunteers. Main Programmes as sources of funding: EU structural funds, EU Social fund, Lithuania Ministry of Social Security and Welfare, EuropeAid, DAPHNE, PROGRESS, GRIUNTVIG, other EC Justice programs, US Embassy, EEA Grants, SWISS Fund grants, other.