KEGYTHE is a Research Centre of Women’s Affairs (RCWA) and was established in 1987. Its scope is to empower women Greeks and immigrants in all aspects of their life such as employment, health, social and citizen rights and in their everyday life. It also implements activities and awareness campaigns for the elimination of violence against women, sexism and the confrontation of child abuse. It also collects studies and maintains a library, aiming at the foundation of a Women Documents Centre of Information which often is being used by undergraduate and graduate students and professors from greek universities. Furthermore it publicates a bulletin dealing with women’s issues. The RCWA since it takes into consideration the high rates of unemployed women and the fact that many of them especially from the social excludedS groups such as poor educated women, immigrants women and roma women also, it provides them information and support about business issues and entrepreneurship and it also conducts training seminars in handicraft, recycling, bazaars with women products, basic computer knowledge and basic literacy skills.

It has participated in global conferences (like Cairo-population policies, Bejing under United Nations) and national too. It is member of several global and national networks and it cooperates with many women organisations in cross national and international level. It also has been coordinator or partner in several European projects. Its members are 300 throughout Greece.